Founded in 2016 by a team of nature lovers who believe that they were Born to Xplore, AXIAGO is the community marketplace aims to reconnect people with nature through Xplorations and adventures.

Discover, and be inspired by a diverse array of Xtraordinary Xperiences brought to you by your fellow nature Xplorers and Xperts on this social travel platform.

And if you are a:

Professional agency operating nature tours (eco-tours) or adventures (adven-tours) to wilderness
Freelance nature guide interpreting local natural history via wildlife safaris, or plant-appreciation walks
Naturalist organizing photography workshops, or simply Xploring on favorite taxon of flora and fauna
Nature educator conducting environmental education field-trips, field-courses, or outdoor classes
Scientist (especially biologist / ecologist / geologist) planning scientific Xpeditions or citizen science projects
Conservationist (or organization) reaching out for supporters / volunteers of conservation / rehabilitation projects
Native community sharing how indigenous knowledge, tradition, and cultural dynamics interacted with local ecosystems
Global citizen, interested with collaborating on responsible and sustainable community- / conservation-oriented programmes

Our platform provides you with a special opportunity to promote yourself and your activities, as long as you are passionate about sharing your Xperience with Mother Nature.

As a strong advocate of sharing economy, we believe in synergy through collaboration. Through our first-in-the-market revenue-sharing partnership system, you have the opportunities to create unique and innovative adventures, enriched by intellectual collaboration with fellow nature Xplorers, or mentorship by the Xperts.

Come Xplore with us.